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On typical days, the NMDOT's website receives about 25,000 views of the home page. Visits increase dramatically during weather events with up to 100,000 visits to the home page. The previous site had been in place for eight years and had become complex. It was difficult to navigate by the public and equally as difficult to manage by the internal staff. After researching web content management tool options, the NMDOT decided on the Adobe Experience Manager solution within the Adobe Marketing Cloud as the foundation for their new website.

"Adobe Experience Manager gave us a strong foundation for meeting our web publishing needs today and in the future as we start to think about delivering content on more mobile devices and building social communities," says Jeff Woodman, web development lead at NMDOT.

"Site visitors can now find information with just one or two clicks, while with the old system, the same search may have taken seven or more clicks," says Bruce Oakeley, IT Information Systems Manager at NMDOT. "Since rolling out the new site, we've seen overall satisfaction with the site - both inside NMDOT and from the public - reach new levels."

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