Project Summary

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a non-profit organization that provides leadership, mentoring, and training to approximately 100 community leaders world-wide. The locations of those in training are remote with no access to WiFi, satellite, or even computers. The knowledge base is the basis for the operation and includes a combination of printed documents (policies/procedures, methods), hand written notes, and ad-hoc information from memory and never documented. This information is critical in the mentoring process to enable new leaders to effectively provide assistance to remote communities.

This case study is applicable to local government agencies with remote work or training locations (no consistent access to WiFi, satellite, or computers), complex or strict data security needs, multi-lingual workforce or audience, and/or disaster recovery/communications concerns.

The challenges faced by MAF were:

- no consistent internet connection
- no centralized repository
- no ability to easily share information
- difficulties in transporting the information
- inability to revise and disseminate changes/updates
- no capability to accept new information from remote users
- no video capability

In April of 2013, MAF engaged UBTI to create a mobile device application to enable leaders to store, view, share, and collaborate using the knowledge base without the need for computers , WiFi, or satellite communications. Over the next year UBTI worked with MAF to build the Digital Library called Estante now available on mobile devices in multiple countries.

Features of Estante include:
- ability to leverage visual and audio media to deliver training including video, images, and audio files
- ability to share the knowledge base securely with other users in close proximity
- ability to expand the knowledge base based on lessons learned from the community as well as information contributed by new leaders
- risk free work environment due to the storage of the information on the mobile device (system outages, natural disasters, network issues)
- multi-lingual versions of the knowledge base provided on demand

Benefits include:
- a more comprehensive knowledge base due to the ability to collaborate remotely and leverage audio/visual training methods
- inherent business continuity due to the lack of reliance on networks and connectivity
- a more efficient and quicker on-boarding process for new community leaders enabling them to deliver more value in less time to new community leaders
- lower cost solution with the ability to leverage mobile devices on hand
- ability to assist remote communities without regard to language barriers

Other challenges that were overcome included securely distributing updates to the mobile application while preserving user data. This was critical due to the collaborative nature of the knowledge base.

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In April of 2013, MAF engaged UBTI to create a mobile device application to enable leaders to store, view, share,…

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