As government organizations strive to improve efficiencies and cut costs and as technology advances, citizens continue to demand higher service levels.  With decreasing IT budgets, it is increasingly challenging to continue to keep up with the private sector and provide services on demand “anytime anywhere”.

The Self Service Government site was developed to provide an interactive forum to showcase and engage in collaborative dialog about technology initiatives that further enable communities to receive the “on demand” services with the click of a mouse or the touch of a screen.   Services will always have a human component to them and a unique measure of success for a self service application is how well it is used to deliver e-services in a supportive and caring way without compromising customer service.

We are asking the community to “weigh in” on how well organizations are doing and also on what can be done to provide the services you need more efficiently.  We are interested in hearing about self service initiatives that are completed, underway, in the planning stages, or are simply at the idea stage.  We are committed to growing the self service community and to connecting government organizations with resources to get projects off the ground.  Unlike the implementation of internal systems, self service applications require special attention in key areas to:

  • make an informed choice on tools and technologies for self service applications
  • develop strategies for citizen outreach and onboarding
  • set cost savings quantitative goals as well as qualitative metrics for success
  • measure and report on progress
  • collect feedback and provide customer support
  • provide a smooth transition to a self service “option” while maintaining existing service protocols

We are looking forward to collaborating with you on your self service initiatives.   Please let us know so the community can share ideas on what is working and also share strategies on how to get it done.  We want to engage you in this community of governments and their partners who are making it happen.

So, feel free to Browse projects, Comment on the blogs or Submit your own project.


Lisa Stotelmyre

Outreach Consultant

Government & Technology

Interactive Enterprise Solutions