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The City of LA approaches a 100% self service rate with most recent reports showing 97% of insurance certificates are being submitted through the City of LA's self-service certificate submission system, Track4LA® Track4LA® uses the standard insurance industry form, the ACORD 25 Certificate of Liability Insurance in electronic format. The Track4LA® solution includes numerous features to fulfill the City's vision and support the various communities. Features include Broker license validation, NAIC Code look-up capabilities, and a pre-fill process to re-use existing ACORD 25 data, eliminating the rekeying of data for renewals. With built-in verifications and data checks, it makes completing the certificate easier and more consistent, and the Broker receives instantaneous approval upon successful submission. In addition, contractors receive an e-mail notification in advance of their insurance expiration dates.

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In January 2015, the State of California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) rolled out a new system to support the Pre-Admission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Program. The Program's objective is to screen all residents in nursing facilities for potential mental illness and/or intellectual development disorders. Until recently PASRR was a paper based process supported by a backend Adabas/Natural mainframe system. DHCS was having difficulty meeting Federally mandated compliance requirements due to the delay and backlogs caused by the largely manual process. An RFP was released to acquire a new web based technology solution to replace the existing mainframe system and to fully automate many of the manual processes.

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Estante Mobilizes MAF Off the Grid

Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) is a non-profit organization that provides leadership, mentoring, and training to approximately 100 community leaders world-wide. The locations of those in training are remote with no access to WiFi, satellite, or even computers. The knowledge base is the basis for the operation and includes a combination of printed documents (policies/procedures, methods), hand written notes, and ad-hoc information from memory and never documented. This information is critical in the mentoring process to enable new leaders to effectively provide assistance to remote communities. This case study is applicable to local government agencies with remote work or training locations (no consistent access to WiFi, satellite, or computers), complex or strict data security needs, multi-lingual workforce or audience, and/or disaster recovery/communications concerns.

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Navigate New Mexico

The New Mexico Department of Transportation (NMDOT) has taken self service government to a new level with the recent revamp of its heavily visited website. The site has been drastically simplified for the public by providing easier access to updated travel information and by enabling businesses to access information that was previously not available via self service. The management of the site has also been simplified by enabling non-technical staff to develop, preview, and publish custom content. More than two dozen content publishers across the department can create quality content and instantly preview how it will appear on the page.

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The City of Sacramento CDD is going self service with their electronic building permit application process and a new portal where citizens can check the status of their permit online. The City has incorporated an end to end digital review and markup process to replace cumbersome and time consuming paper based reviews.

Customer Dashboard

San Diego County Child Support Services Department has developed and is now using a new Customer Dashboard application that enables staff to instantly see the status and progress of cases has helped the department resolve more cases and to reduce wait times by 16%. In addition to being more effective with collection efforts, case processing is smoother and faster than ever.


The San Diego County District Attorney’s Office is one of the busiest DA offices in the nation. Things are a bit easier for the office since implementing a digital system for managing case files in the Juvenile Court division. The digital collaboration environment—the Justice Electronic Library System—is based on Adobe Acrobat Pro, integrated with Microsoft SharePoint. The award-winning system is streamlining case file management for attorneys and staff members, while empowering county attorneys in the courtroom and accelerating court proceedings.


CalCloud is a dedicated private cloud (IaaS) operated by the California Department of Technology's Office of Technology Services division (OTech). Cloud services are provisioned by customers as a turnkey service and are hosted at Department's two Tier III data centers utilizing the State's LAN/WAN and network security. The self service business model is made possible by a web portal used to interface customers with CalCloud. The low cost service offering is made possible by usage based pricing requiring no initial investment by the State. CalCloud is a public private partnership with IBM providing the hardware, software, portal and OS administration.

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